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Backstory on mystery boxes

A little backstory on this mystery box:

Kendama Senses has over 1000 old-school Kendamas that’s quite a pile.. And there are more than 100 different types!

That would take an incredible amount of space and logistics, relative to the space and logistics that our webshop currently takes.

And selling old-school Kendamas is not what we do.. What we do is provide you with an incredible variety of brands and the newest products from around the world.

So... In reality, all of those old-school Kendamas just piled up in a room.. Catching dust…

I started dreaming:

What would be much more preferable is if we can send those Kendamas into the world, in a way where they contribute to the people who receive them and the Kendama community.

By selling them for a low price to the Kendama community, so that those players can easily share them with people who show interest playing Kendama.

That way we not only build a more solid financial fundament for our business, it also frees up precious cash that allows Kendama Senses to improve the amount of the newest Kendamas we can provide in our shop.

But why is it important for us to provide players with a wide variety of Kendamas?

We believe that we should provide the European Kendama community with options and opportunities. This allows us to facilitate Kendama players.

We also believe that playing Kendama naturally has many benefits to the development of a person. Especially if consciously used as a tool for self-development

So if we just facilitate Kendama players to make their Kendama-life easier and better, than we help Kendama players bring out the best version of themselves, which we think is the best way to benefit societies as a whole.

Oh right, back to Mystery Boxes..

Yeah so we think that with these mystery boxes we can provide very low cost Kendamas for people part of the Kendama community. And that way they can easily give a Kendama away to introduce a new person..

And if that new Kendama player actually likes Kendama, they can choose to buy a proper starting Kendama.

💡 Let’s summarize:

Providing these Mystery Boxes has the following advantages:

  1. Help players get low-cost Kendamas that they can easily give away to introduce a new person.
  2. Free up precious cash that allows Kendama Senses to improve the amount of the newest Kendamas we can provide in our shop!
  3. Help Kendama players bring out the best version of themselve


What’s actually in the box?

Well, as I said, there are over a 100 types of Old Kendamas, so it can be anything, but I’ll try to give you and idea of what you can expect:

  • The brands consist of mostly Sweets Kendamas, Kendama USA and KROM Kendama. There may be some other brands such as Kendama ISR or Sol Kendamas.
  • I estimate the Kendams to have been produced 5 to 7 years ago.
  • The following Kendamas are commonly included:
    • Kendama USA Tribute lineup
    • Kendama USA Kaizen lineup
    • KROM Kendama Metallics lineup
    • Various different KROMs such as Pelle, Mimoe Elephant
    • Jumbo (XL) Kendamas from various brands
    • Sweets F3 in Sticky or Glossy
    • And more
  • There are also some nicer Kendamas included, such as:
    • Sweets Cushion Clear F3 Kendamas
    • Sweets Primes with Sticky clear
    • Special painted Kendama USA
    • Kendama USA Pro Models
    • KROM Deluxe
    • Kendama ISR Natty with Engraving
    • Sol Flows with Exotic woods

Let us know through the chat if you have any more questions (about literally anything!) and we'll be happy to help you!

- Jordi

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