Store guide

Kendama Senses is special. We offer a number of options that other stores do not offer. My name is Jordi and I have written this short guide to show you how the store is meant to be used for you to receive an optimal experience.

  1. Extra services
  2. Communication
  3. Discount 

Extra Services

On most product pages you will find the following additional options:

Extra services Foto in het Nederlands

Longevity / Durability:

You can choose whether I glue the tip of your Kendama. Choosing this ensures that your Kendama can last about 5 times as long. You can also choose not to do it, or to add a whole bottle of glue. Do you already have several Kendamas? Then it is advisable to sand them and maintain them all with your own bottle of glue. In this case just ask us to add some sandpaper for you! (:

Extra roll of rope / Extra roll or string:

Do you ever need new string? You can also choose to add a whole roll of string to your order. We have carefully selected the string and it is better than the factory string from the Kendamas.

Special requests:

Do you have specific questions or wishes? Put it in here! I'll see if I can fulfill it. I will contact you if necessary. If I can't fulfill your request, I'll just cancel the order and you'll get your money back!



When you spend money, you naturally want to do it carefully. You want to know what you are buying and whether you are making the right choice. With so much choice, it is sometimes difficult to know what is right for you. In that case I advise you to contact me, I will be happy to help you! You can use the following ways:

  • The Chat on the website
    Chat with Kendama Senses
    By contacting me via this button, I will immediately receive a special notification from the store. Because I immediately see that it is a customer who sends a message, I give this priority and therefore this is usually the fastest way to be helped. Usually within 10 minutes, in the absolute worst case a day.
  • Through my phone
    +316 48 26 08 15
    You can always call, text, WhatsApp or telegram me via my private phone. Whatever suits you!
  • Via email:
    I usually respond within a few hours!
  • Do you have any comments about your order? There is also a place in the shopping cart to add notes



Have you not ordered before? Then you can receive a 5€ discount on shipping when you sign up for receiving our emails. In our emails we update you about what's going on within the Kendama-world and with us.

    I hope you enjoy the experience. If you have any feedback or questions, please let me know through the communication methods provided in this text, or through a Google review via the following link:

    Enjoy :D

    - Jordi