About us

This is how it all started.

I found myself in the deepest low of my life. My relationship had ended, I felt completely broken and it was a total reality check. I knew I had to start from zero.

What I was lucky with, is that all this happened 3 months after I was introduced to Kendama, back in 2016.

Not only was I wrecked personally, but I had been terrible at Kendama for days… weeks… MONTHS. I didn’t understand how to play Kendama and couldn’t focus on trying a trick for even half a minute. Each time I played I felt incredibly frustrated and wanted to give up.

Luckily I had some people around me who pulled me through and I managed to finally learn the basic tricks. BOOM - my inner fire lit up and I realized Kendama could would completely change my life. 

Since then I never lost this inner knowing - until now I still feel the transformative power that Kendama has on me, every single day.

I started to land those big milestones like Whirlwind and Lunar Flip.

Learning and mastering tricks allowed me to reflect and see my problems. 

Before Kendama, I was overrun with limiting beliefs, social anxiety, low confidence, and even lower self-worth.

With repetitive practice, I overcame challenges with Kendama and then integrated those lessons into other aspects of my life.

The more I got into Kendama and got to know the Kendama community, the more I became hooked.

Things started to change drastically: my mood and mindset radically improved, I met new people, I learned new tricks and developed my focus through them. 

That feeling, when the moment came where I realized that Kendama would change me completely and stick with me for the rest of my life.. That feeling.. was exhilarating! 🤯

Kendama has become a catalyst for realizing my own potential. My journey has since then gone way beyond just playing Kendama.

I fully believe if change is possible for me, it’s possible for anyone. Because change happened to me, and I'm just an ordinary person..! Change brings opportunity, and that came my way when I made the decision to join Kendama Senses.

Fast forward a few short years, and it’s been a hell of a journey. Not only have I progressed as a player, I’ve since become the sole owner of the Senses Kendama shop. I've learned an enourmous amount of life skills along the way and I don't plan on slowing down! 📈💪

My ultimate vision is to build a thriving community around Kendama. One that inspires play as a means of self-discovery. 

This brand will always provide a carefully curated catalog of products, personalized service, and reliable educational resources for every unique Kendama player in Europe.

We will constantly adapt and evolve to serve your individual needs.

To improve your Kendama Life, our content channels are ripe with valuable information to help shift your perspective and progress.

If you’re in search of the next Kendama, ask ALL of your questions and receive the perfect Kendama for you! If you're not satisfied, we'll just send you a new one! Promised 🤞

I’d love to hear about your journey with Kendama, and the challenges you’ve overcome. DM me @kendamasenses anytime.

Unlock your potential,

Jordi van Velzen



Jordi met de Kendama Senses Shop tijdens een Evenement

Get to know us, our values:

  1. Self-discovery drives us.
    Get to know yourself and your life transforms. Endlessly.
    We have eaten the juicy fruits of our journey on self-discovery and are committed to continuing this! Playing Kendama reveals our hidden abilities, guiding our transformation.

  2. Passion generates energy.
    /ˈpaʃ(ə)n/ : strong and barely controllable emotion.
    Experiencing passion means you’re alive! It’s a compass of where we want to go and why. We experience a strong urge to better the world by inspiring to reconnect ourselves! Unplug from the mainstream.

  3. Community builds the game.
    Collectively joined self-discovery journeys become infinitely more powerful. Our root lies within the Kendama community and we dedicate ourselves to build, support and sustain it.

  4. Health is our foundation.
    Health is holistic. Physical, mental, and spiritual. Collective and individual. We are committed to taking care of ourselves so it becomes a positive ripple effect!

  5. Take back your authority.
    We empower ourselves to become responsible for the outcome of a better world - to change and preserve humanity. We embrace freedom by following our moral compass to make our own rules.