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Welcome to Europe's best Kendama shop.

We ship from the Netherlands every Tuesday and Friday. You can find shipping details for your country here. Is your country not in there yet? Please send us a message through the chat

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It's finally back!

First aid kit

The Kit that allows you to keep your best Kendamas at it's best! Use it for one year and Improve your Kendama life for only 0.08€ a day!

Explore what the tools are for and how to use them!

Our guarantee

Ask ALL of your questions and receive the perfect Kendama for you! If you're not satisfied, we'll just send you a new one! Promised 🤞



Most recently I ordered a Tama from Kendama Israel + Sol Ken (75g + 75g ✌🏻) and received very detailed advice. If you don't know exactly what you want to play as the next setup, they will also help you. Just ask!


Super Service. You will be helped. You will be advised. And you can express extra wishes. I'm glad this page exists.


I have purchased several kendamas from Kendama Senses and have always been happy with the service! They are very passionate about the game and any problems can be solved by direct contact with the owner :)


Best Kendama Shop in Europe period!!! Service is unbeatable and the assortment is exquisite. Beginner friendly


Kendamasenses is an absolutely amazing Kendamashop! The shipping is fast the service is awesome and the written messages on the back of the stickers are always making me smile. I definitely recommend this shop! :D


For Beginner Kendama Players

It's not easy to find the right Starter Kendama when the whole internet is full of options. And even if you have it, what tricks do you start with? We made a full guide to answer all of your questions!

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How to get started with Kendama senses

  1. Reach out and ask any questions you have about playing Kendama or the lifestyle around it.
  2. Find the right Kendama for you in our shop, and get yourself our exclusive Kendama First Aid Kit!
  3. We’ll make any customizations, if needed, to your Kendama order, so that you receive exactly what you want.
  4. Unbox your new Kendama to start practicing tricks and don’t forget to tag us at @kendamasenses on IG!

Who we are

About Kendama senses

Find out how we came to be and what we stand for. Become inspired and join our journey!

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