black friday 2023

There will be deals between 22 November (Wednesday) and 28 November (Tuesday).

Every day there will be different deals. Check out the Front Page of our website on every new day to see the deals and releases for that day!

Our day resets at 12:00 AM (midnight), Amsterdam time!

There will be:

  • Product discounts
  • Product releases
  • Free product giveaways
  • Free shipping on additional orders
  • Double Community points on placing orders (10 Points for every 1€ spent 😲)

In other words: you will be able to earn double Community Points while shopping Discounted Products and New Releases. Then spend these points on your next order with Free Shipping using code "BF23_SHIPPING" which also earns you extra Community Points. Our most insane Black Friday week yet!

What are Community Points?

Community Points is a new project by Kendama Senses that allows Kendama Players to earn Points in various ways that can be exchanged for discounts on the Kendama Senses website.

How to earn Community Points?

There are currently a couple ways to earn points and in the next months and years, novel ways of earning points will be added.

Community Points can be earned for Kendama players that have an account on the Kendama Senses website. You can sign up and join as well, here

To earn, login to your account. In your portal, navigate to: Community Points -> Earn to view your ways to earn.

How do I use my points?

To use your Points, login to your account. In your portal, navigate to: Community Points -> Redeem to exchange your points for a discount code.

About earning and spending points:

Every 200 Points gets you 1€ more discount, limitless!

These are currently the ways to earn, but more are coming:

  • Every 1€ spent gets you 5 points (10 Points during Black Friday week)
  • Creating an account gets you 250 Points
  • Adding your birth date to your account nets you a birthday present of 500 Points on your birthday!
  • Using code "BF23_SHIPPING" on additional orders during Black Friday Week to receive Free Shipping, gets you 250 Points
  • Adding your Kendama Event to the Event Tracker nets you 1500 Points

Find out more in your Account portal

Why do Community Points exist?

Community Points are a way to reward Players for participating in the Community. Purchasing your Kendamas at Kendama Senses allows us to be creating for the Community. Thus, Community Points is a way to increase the symbiosis between Kendama Senses and the Kendama Community.

As we want to allow everyone to be able to take advantage of the different deals and product releases across the whole week, we will ship all orders on Friday 2 December.

You will be able to use code "BF23_SHIPPING" at checkout from your second order onwards in order to not pay shipping multiple times. Earn 250 extra Community Points whenever you use this code!

We usually ship every Tuesday and Friday. As Tuesday 28th is Jennifer her birthday, she will take a day off and so the next day we can ship your orders is on Friday December 2!


You can create an account on this page. You can either manually create an account, login with Google or with Shop.

After logging in, you can explore your customer portal, where you can also find the Community Points.

Shipping and Delivery

You can find our full page including costs here: Shipping and Delivery


Cushion is a rubbery coating applied on top of the Sticky coating to provide additional grip to help with certain Kendama tricks