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The Kendama Event Tracker is a tool for European Kendama players to stay up-to-date with all the Kendama Events. Whatsapp Channel with ONLY information about events - no spam!

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Are you a Kendama player who would like to stay up to date about all of the Kendama events happening in Europe? Then this new tool is perfect for you!

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We understand the importance of every gathering, big or small, in the European Kendama community. If you're organizing an event or a casual meetup, we want to hear about it! Send us your event details to ensure it reaches Kendama enthusiasts across Europe through our WhatsApp Group. By sharing, you not only increase visibility for your event but also contribute to our collective passion and unity in the Kendama scene. How? Create or Log in to your Kendama Senses account, find the Event Registration link and Earn 750 Kendama Senses Points!

About the creator:

“Hello to the Kendama community! I'm Pitt aka. @kerndama, a seasoned Kendama player with deep-rooted ties to European Kendama events, particularly the renowned KenFest in Hannover. Recognizing the challenges in tracking down event details, I've established the European Kendama Events WhatsApp Channel, aiming to be your primary source for all Kendama-related happenings in Europe.”