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      Sweets Kendamas

      Our best-selling brand. Sweets Kendamas are in the game the longest of any brand we sell and have had a huge impact in what Kendama is like for us today. Their Kendamas are of high-quality and they feature beautiful designs. Sweets Kendamas has a huge passion for spreading Kendama: you will find Sweets when searching for tutorials on YouTube. Allowing beginners to more easily enter the community by learning beginner, intermediate and advanced tricks. 

      They have also pioneered with their Kendamas, being one of the first to serve a premium coating called "Cushion Clear" which is still a players-favorite to this day. Furthermore Sweets Kendamas evolved their Ken-shape from the "F3", to "Prime", to "Boost" and now the "Amped" Shape, constantly evolving as the Kendama scene develops. Sweets Kendamas have been in the game for so long, always up-to-date with their products and that's how you know you can never go wrong with playing a Sweets.

      Nowadays Sweets Kendamas is the host of North Americas biggest event, NAKO, in Minneapolis. Events are super important to bring the community together, get people excited to play Kendama, develop the professional scene and develop the overal community. Furthermore they also cooperate with other events such as the EKC (European Kendama Championships) and BOTB (Battle at the Border), to stream the events, giving players across the globe access to attending the events. Players attending the livestream can now also feel like they are attending the event, inspiring them to play and maybe one day join one of the events themselves.

      Choose Sweets Kendamas' standard Sticky Clear coating or Premium and Handmade Cushion clear coating if you want extra grip and a higher quality Kendama. Sweets Starter is the Kendama I recommend if you're just starting out. If you are more experienced I recommend buying a Cushion Cleared Kendama, as you will be better able to make use of the value it provides.

      My personal favorite from Sweets Kendamas is combining a Maple Ken with a Cushion Clear Beech Tama. This makes for a really good coating on a durable ken, and the beech woodtype of the tama makes it break in (become good quickly) for stall tricks.

      Sweets Kendamas

      Shop Sweets Kendama products and have them shipped to you from within Europe! More info about Sweets on the bottom of this page!