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      Sol Kendamas

      Sol Kendamas available in Europe at Kendama Senses.

      In 2014, the brother Chad and his brother started a brand that had one powerful vision: "Grow the Kendama community and foster relationships." That vision proves powerful if you see the Sol Kendamas team. Their team gives out a vibe that inspires positivity and Kennergy (Kendama energy). Players around the world notice it, Sol Kendamas may be the third biggest brand in the world. Kendama players in and around Europe are loving Sol at an increasing rate, according to the sales data at Kendama Senses.

      So what does Sol Kendamas have to offer?

      All of their Kendamas come on the 1UP Ken-shape or a slightly altered version thereof (e.g. Zero1Up or LegUp shape). The 1UP is one of the most popular shapes in the European Kendama scene.

      Firstly, the Sol Vibes. The entry level Kendamas from Sol Kendamas come with a Maple Ken, Beech tama and clean design. Each Sol Vibe is designed by a team member of Sol Kendamas. They are of really good quality and priced at 40€. Check the Sol Vibes out, here.

      Then there's the Sol Kendamas Pro Models. These are the models from the Sol Kendama Pro players. You also support their players by buying their Pro Model, as they get a percentage of each sale!

      Furthermore Sol Kendamas collabs with people and other (Kendama) companies to bring you special Kendamas, such as Cushion Cleared Pro Models in collaboration with Sweets Kendamas, Zero1UP collab with OKendama or the Sol Shibui collab with Gloken. These premium type of collabs make the Kendamas of Sol Kendamas even better than they usually are!

      My recommendation is to start out with a Sol Vibe if you're new to trying Sol Kendamas. If you're ready to spend a bit more, I would go for a Sol Kendama collab that uses the Sol Kendama Shape and a Tama with a premium clearcoat. For example the Sol Cushion Pro Models, or combining a 1UP Ken Only with a Rhino Clear Tama.

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      Sol Kendamas

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