KROM Kendama

      KROM Kendama is a rock-solid European brand from Denmark. Their goal is to make Kendama the biggest secondary sport in the world. They do this by trying to represent the Kendama community in the best way possible and having their Kendamas up for grabs in as many places as possible. 

      KROM Kendama has both clean and funky designs on their Kendamas, having been known for this for almost a decade. Furthermore they have been one of the first to really push the limits and break stigmas of what is allowed with Kendama: releasing the Slaydawg shape back in 2016 drastically altered what was accepted in terms sizes. Making Kendama much more playable compared to the small shape that Kendama players were used to.

      At Kendama Senses we feature the newest KROM Kendamas so European players can pick up their new Kendama along with ordering other brands. We also have KROM's POP LOL Kendamas available as one of the best price-quality starter Kendamas. 

      The biggest difference between the POP LOL Kendamas and more expensive Kendamas is the more basic design and the less durable woodtype. However the shape and coating is as good as the more expensive KROMs, making them an excellent choice when comparing the price-quality ratio.

      Currently KROM Kendama features the following Ken shapes:

      • BL
      • 1%
      • CK
      • AK
      • SLAYDAWG 2
      • 2GOOD

      In the video below, KROM explains each of their shapes. In short, most of KROMs Kendamas are either CK or 2GOOD shape. Furthermore the 1% shape is the improved version of the BL Shape. In our product descriptions you will find which shape the Kendama has.

      The CK Shape is a very thin shape, used on the POPs and is said to be good for Lunars and Slingers. The 2GOOD shape is thicker and said to be the best all-round shape. You can find this shape on most higher-end Kendamas.

      My personal favorite is the KROM 2GOOD Shape. This shape is the most all-round and satisfying to play for me. I personally prefer premium coatings over the standard sticky coating, so I would take off the 2GOOD Ken and put it on a Tama with a premium coating, such as Rhino Clear, Cushion Clear or Revo Clear.

      KROM Kendama

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