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      Cereal Kendama

      Cereal Kendama is a brand based in Singapore. They are known around the world for their Ken-shapes. In the past years they have consistently been experimenting with different shapes, pushing the boundaries of sizes. Cereal Kendama constantly take what players like about a shape and put it into the next.

      At Kendama Senses, the favorites are the ken-only options, putting together Cereal kens with Tamas from different brands that offer premium coatings, creating a custom setup that is very nice to play.

      Cereal Kendama works with small batches: they create a design and usually it is gone forever once it is sold out.

      They have beautiful Kendamas produced, often with special wood types. Cereal Kendamas newest shape is the Ascent Shape, which they explain more about in this blog post. The Ascent Shape is a combination and improvement of some of their previous shapes: the Elevate and Performer shape.

      Kendama Senses offers Cereal Kendama in Europe to make it more accessible: otherwise you would have to get it from Singapore, having the following downsides:

      • High shipping cost
      • Long delivery time
      • Package gets delayed at customs and you have to pay import fees

      Sadly we also have to deal with high shipping cost and this is reflected in a slight increase in price in our shop. We recommend having your spike glued (standard selected extra option for 1€) to increase the durability of the Kendama immensely. You can also purchase your own bottle of glue, or get yourself a Kendama First Aid Kit, to maintain and increase the durability of your Kendamas. You will be able to enjoy your Kendamas much longer and the small investment will soon save you money, too!

      Get either a full Kendama, a plus sized Kendama (110% shape) or a Ken only from Cereal Kendama, here in Europe.

      My personal favorite are the Ken-only options that you can put together with premium tamas from other brands, such as Rhino Clear, Cushion Clear or Revo Clear.

      Cereal Kendama in Europe

      Shop Cereal Kendama products and have them shipped from Europe!