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      For a bigger brand, OKendama is relatively young. Well, they have been around for a while, but their actual Kendamas are young. Dropping their first Kendama at the end of 2020.

      OKendamas was distributing Kendamas in Latvia back when Kendama was a hype there and everyone was playing it. Only later, when OKendama started their own production, was when they started focusing on making products for the dedicated Kendama players. First having their entry level products produced in China. Dropping their Candy series as budget Kendamas for 20€ with the classic Beech Ken, Beech Tama combination. Then later dropping their Maze series as budget Kendamas at the 25€ price point with a slightly more elaborated design and a Maple, more durable, ken.

      At the same time, OKendama set up a local workshop to meet players demand for high quality Kendamas. They now offer carefully crafted, high end products, making their own Kens and Tamas. For their Tamas they also have their own signature matte coating: The Revolution Clear (also known as Revo clear). Furthermore they have an sticky version: The Revo Glazed, which is a sticky layer added after the usual matte coating. Both coatings offer extreme durability and grippyness, which is why it is favored often by mid-level players. The coatings work really well to learn those high precision balance tricks like lighthouse and lunar. However, some very advanced players find the coating sometimes too grippy to correct their balance tricks and thus favor other coatings.

      Are you a player looking to get into Lighthouse, Lunars and the tricks that build on top of those basics? Then a Revolution Clear Tama is highly recommended for you, as it will increase your learning speed immensely!

      My favorite products from OKendama are their Revolution Clear tamas. For example combining it with a Zero1UP Shape Ken makes for a really good setup. If you were to go for that setup I would pay attention to make sure that the weight of the Ken and Tama is within 10 grams of each other, as the weight of OKendama products van vary greatly.

      If you're looking to make the best possible setup, then look to combine a good Ken with a good Tama. Reach out to me if you would like some guidance to find something that's very good for you! If you asked your questions and you're not satisfied, we'll just send you a new one! 🤞 PROMISED



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